Q.What is Kakrapar Atomic Power Plant-3 and where is this plant located.?

Ans- Kakrapar Atomic Power Plant-3 is a electricity  power plant. This plant is located in Gujrat. Kakrapar Atomic Power Plant – 3 will be produce 700 MWe electricity. We have already two Atomic power Plant that produce 200MWe electricity each.

Beneficiary for Indian Govt. -
Given India to add 175 GW of renewable energy from renewable sources such as Wind & Sun, the nuclear project should help provide the baseload to balance the power grid. And under the Paris Climate Change accord, India has committed that by 2030, at least 40% of its electricity will be generated form non- fossil sources.

Construction Technology –
We have use IPHWR technology for this project. And its all the components and equipment have been manufactured by Indian Industries and constructed by Indian contractor.This project promotes Make in India.

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