Recently, the Cotton Corporation of India has decided to increase the export of cotton with which countries?

Ans- According to the chairman of the Cotton Corporation of India, an MoU is being worked out to export 1.5–2 million bales (170 kg each) of cotton to Bangladesh, while the state-run CCI also set up its own warehouse in Vietnam Will do. To promote cotton exports.
The Cotton Corporation of India (CCI), which is holding surplus stocks of cotton just ahead of the next harvest season, is trying to boost exports of the fibre crop.

Why Vietnam & Bangladesh-

                                               Because countries like Bangladesh, Vietnam and Sri Lanka have duty-free access to markets in Europe, America and China, which gives them an edge over Indian yarn and apparel exporters.

What is Cotton corporation of India ?

The CCI is governed by the Textiles Policy 1985 which was issued by the Ministry of Textiles. The Cotton Corporation of India Limited  is an agency of the Government of India, engaged in diversified activities related to trade, purchase and export of cotton. CCI is a public sector agency responsible for the equitable distribution of cotton between various components of the industry and imports of cotton.

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