IIt Kharagpur and TCS have jointly developed Industry 4.0 Technology

 IIt Kharagpur and TCS have jointly developed a novel Industry 4.0 Technology. The purpose of this innovation is to encourage innovation in advanced manufacturing to boost the capital formation sector.

Bullet Points

  • The innovation was taken Technology Kharagpur Center of Excellence Center of Agriculture Industry, on Industry association of the Government of India.
  • The technology has been developed by Prof. Surya K Pall, Prof. in charge at the Center of Excellence in Advanced Manufacturing Technology in association with TCS.
  • To encourage innovation in the advanced manufacturing sector to promote the capital goods sector. 

Industrial 4.0 Technology

The rise of new digital industrial technology known as a Industrial 4.0. This is a transformation that makes it possible to gather and analyze data across machines, enabling factor, flexible and more efficient processes to produce higher quality goods at low costs.

Industrial Revolutions.

  1.  First Industrial Revolution was developed in 1765 its followed by the proto- Industrialization period.
  2. Second Revolution was in 1870.
  3. Third Inustrial Revolution in 1969.

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